Access Control DVR Solution

  Access Control DVR Solution - It's possible to effectively control information of access

  security, diligence and laziness control and others along with video information by

  interlocking with various access control equipments and DVR.

               Construction Video + Text Overlap / Search

  Confirmation of access data
  Searching an invader by access data
  Surveillance of entrance
  Connect to diligence and indolence
        management program

  An store owner can remotely control departments through the separate

function of administrator and supervisor by giving users their accounts

     Unmanned parking management

 It's easy to quickly search various kinds of incidents
     that happen at a parking lot and win their evidence
     information through data and video overlap of
     vehicles that come in and out of the parking lot.
  Application examples  


  In a parking lot. a car
caused a minor collision
and ran away.

In many cases, number plates can't be
read by CCTV.
Even though a number plate can be read,
it's troublesome to track down a hit-
and-run driver.

In such a case, it's easy to search the vehicle number or the
time when it came in and out ot the accident spot and track
down the owner of vehicle through the detected number plate in
this system.
It's easy to produce evidence materials.

    POS DVR Solution

  POS DVR Solution - Camera image is saved to DVR with text information of POS device,

                                Recoding/management of Card or transaction information with image
               Construction Video + Text Overlap / Search

  Confirmation of Account data
  Searching user of robbery card
  Confirmation returned goods data
  Surveillance of employees
  It's not need receipt printing

Easy integrate management of a store by giving separate accounts to users and csupervisors.
It's possible to cope with problems efficiently.
  A customer pays at a counter.   The customer comes back
to the counter in seme
time as she finds the
calculation receipt wrong


Check the concerned image and data by
inputting the receipt numoer.
Even when a customer lost his/her receipt,
you can easily check the lost receipt oy
inputting the concerned time.

    GPS DVR Solution

  GPS DVR Solution - Receiving GPS position signal in DVR, indication scattered position

                                information of DVR.

  Mobile DVR for Car
  Total management of Wide area
      (Interlocking Google earth)

      Sunmyung UTP Solution

           UTP Solution = CQ500(360)C + UTP Composite Port

            What is a UTP composite port ?
              N-Channel 1 of RS45 terminal which can transmit maximum 200m for
              Camera Power +lmage+ Transmit voice (PTZ Control) signal through 1 UTP cable


       UTP composite module that is consisted
       with male BNC+ female DC jack+ female
       audio jack to connect existing cameras

    UTP module built-in type DVR - CQ360C, CQ 500C (patent product)

           Replaced imaae coax + Voice cable + Power cable (RS485 cable) etc as an inexpensive UTP line that reduced construction material expenses.
  Connect Camera-DVR easily by UTP line. Special voice cable does not need even at microphone use   Special RS485 control wire does not need at PTZF remote camera control.  
  It is available to use combined BNC
and UTP terminal.
  Small size UTP composite module UTP-01,
UTP-02 for camera which is usable camera
connection to every exist cameras.
UTP module built-in type DVR - CQ360C, CQ 500C (patent product)
  Camera power is supplied from DVR that can use easily at any place even there is not power.
  Can connect underwater
watch camera in fishery
farm etc.
  Camera connection for vehicles   Camera connection for path up a
mountain watch
  Place that camera is placed in distance of medium, short distance (within 200m).
  Convenience store mart. small and medium type office/academy Parking lot security Security for outer block of apartment of park

Can use general camera as microphone built-in type camera by microphone built-in type UTP-02.

Camera UTP-02 built-in MIC DVR

Recording image and voice at the same time
(separately voice support 4 ports by channel)


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